Please contact one of the following suppliers of Nu Angle Stirrups. Alternatively please contact us.

Gauteng – South Africa

Equestrian House - 087-232 1680

Midfeeds - 011 468 1824

Janine Evans - 0834522111

East Rand – Kirsten - 083 318 7000

Milmac - 0861001182

Kwazulu Natal – South Africa

Unicorn Tack - 082 414 8828

I should have made the change long ago. The stirrup base helps with a more secure foot for more rider balance. The angle of the Nu Angle stirrup helps the leg position. I am very impressed.

Graham Winn

Nu Angle Stirrup irons offer good safety in the way of a wide grip, are light, low maintenance and keep your heels down and secure. They give a soft feel when using a light seat and are especially good for cross-country and jumping. Nu Angle Stirrups should be part of any riders equipment!

Janine Evans

Nu Angle stirrups are the way to go!! I battle with a weak ankle and the angle of the Nu Angle stirrups helps me to get a better low leg position without putting more pressure on my ankle. They are super-light and your feet never move as long as you have even the lightest of weight resting on the stirrups!

Sean Henderson

The advent of new material has enabled designers of riding equipment to experiment with and improve designs. One of the really interesting developments has taken place with stirrups. Lighter due to aluminium and add to this Darrel’s innovation of angling the foot rest in Nu Angle’s stirrups. This allows for greater balance for the rider and a more relaxed foot position.

You have what I believe is the ultimate stirrup.

Rogan Asken